Quincey Family 1910-1962

Quincey Family 1962-2011

St. Laurence , Chapel Chorlton

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Victor and Edward at the Quincy Family Grave, Quincy Massachusetts

Edward and Victor with the late Mr Hobart Holly (Quincy Historical Society) and the late Mrs Madeleine Quincy descendant of Edmund Quincy born Northamptonshire 1602-1637 m Judith Pares

Fount in St. Mary and St.Hardulph, Breedon on the Hill Leicestershire. The base of the 15c octagonal Fount depicts the arms of the Quincy Family.

David Quincey outside the Church of St Mary and St Hardulph.

The Quincy House over looking Quincy Bay. Revolutionary leader Josiah Quincy built the house 1770. He produced 3 mayors of Boston and a President of Harvard University. He played a key role in the social and political life of Massachusetts .

Stone bottle produced for the Quincey Mineral Water Company, Walsall and Leicester owned by Saunders Quincey brother of Christopher, James and John, c1880

Glass Bottle

Tray used in Beer Houses and Inns, many of the Quincey family were Inn Keepers
The bottles and tray owned by Victor were presents from his son David.

Advert for Quinceys of Walsall Staffordshire UK