More White House Connections

John Quincey b 1730 married Elizabeth Jacklin  --  children - Thomas (1760-1837) b Cotterstock, John (1762), William (1764).  --  Thomas married Mary Saunders of Cotterstock  --  children - William (1792) Francis (1794) John (1796) Elizabeth (1798) Anne (1801) Sanders (1804-1878) and James (1810-1889) bur Titchmarsh. all born at Cotterstock.

James married Elizabeth Weekley (1811-1893) bur Titchmarsh  --  children - Thomas (1833) James (1835) Christopher (1836) Sanders (1837-1924) bur Leicester all born at Cotterstock. --  Christopher married Mary Lucy Harris (1837-1883) bur Birmingham. married on the 2nd September 1857 daughter of  Inspector George Harris. children - George James born Coventry (1859-1919) bur Birmingham, Lucy Martha(1861) Kate (1864) Christopher (1866)  --  George James married Elizabeth Weston (1859)  children Gertrude Ethel (1886-1925) Florence Lesley (1888-1952) Harry Ernest (1889-1962)  John Thomas Edgar (1890-1963) Gladys Evelyn (1895)  --  John Thomas married Rosa Hayward (1894-1982)  - children  - Victor Philip (1913-1970) Hilda (1918-1989)   Raymond (1923 - ) Beryl (1929- )  --  Victor married May Dunn (1915-1965) -  children Jeanne (1936- ) Victor (1940-) Maureen Gwynneth (1943-) Jannette (Jill) (1945-2001). -- Victor is married to Joan, - son's  Carl (1963) David John (1967) Edward James (1980).



        Cefn Mawr

The pictures above are as follows;
 1) My fathers pass used while he worked at the White House Washington, he was assigned to HMS Saker Washington USA
2) Picture of Achurch where many of the Quincey Family were Baptised, Married and Buried and where Edmund Quincey left for America with his wife Judith Pares, children Judith and Edmund also six servants they settled south of Boston now called Quincy where many of his descendants became Mayors of Boston, Governors of Massachusetts, Solicitor General, Judges and the sixth President of the USA was John Quincy Adams. They also played major roles in both the War of Independence and the Civil War of America.
 3) The HMS Rajah Aircraft Carrier, my father returned back from America the ship loaded with aircraft from the USA,they then sailed to the far east and landed at Ceylon (Sri Lanka), retuning back to England in 1946.
4) The village of Cefn Mawr (North Wales) where I was born, my mother was sent there when the BSA Birmingham was being bombed in September 1940. I was born 2 weeks later, we returned to Birmingham only to suffer more bombing in the November, we were then moved to Wootten Wawen near Statford upon Avon before returning to Birmingham.