1035 - 1730 Coat of Arms

The de Quincy family had two separate Coat of Arms.

Saher de Quincy,Earl of Winchester(d.1219): Or a fess gules,a labelof seven points azure. (from his Seal).

Also Arms of Roger de Quincy Earl of Winchester, Constable of Scotland. (d 1264): Gules, seven mascles conjoined,three,three and one or. (from his Seal.)

The first de Quincy's are Roger, Robert and Richard all born around c1035. Roger had a son Roger b 1060 who married Maud. three other sons were, Saher, Hamelin & Odon who were all living c 1100. Roger and Maud had sons William (see text below.) Peter (a monk of Savigny in Normandy) still living 1145.

Saher de Quincy Lord of Buckby 1090 - 1158 m. Maud de St. Liz 1096 - 1140. Their son was Sir Robert de Quincey 1135 - 1197 of Long Buckby m. Orabella de Leuchars 1136 - 1181. ( see picture of Long Buckby Castle page 7 )Their son Saher de Quincey 1155 - 1219 1st Earl of Winchester and Crusader died in Palestine.m. Margaret de Beaumont in 1173. Their children Loretta 1180, John 1182, Reginald 1184, Beatrice 1185, Arabella 1186 - 1258 Robert 1186-1257(went with father to the Crusades) Roger 2nd Earl of Winchester 1190- 1264 m. Helen of Galloway d1246.m.Matilda d1252 m. Eleanor.

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Roger de Quincy    m. Maud dau. of Roger, Earl of Clare (see Bellows Quincy Family - Library of NEHGS. Boston )  William de Quincy of Kings Sutton living 1130 ( Northamptonshire survey ) probably the younger son of Roger and Maud. William de Quincey  living 1179.   William de Quincey of Biskel Co. Norfolk b.1165 witnessed charters of Saher de Quincy of Magna Charta fame described as cousin prior to 1198.   William de Quincy of Brampton living 1219.      Roger de Quincy  b. c1225.  William de Quincy b. c1255 (living 1304)       Geoffrey deQuincy   constable of Framlingham castle Co. Suffolk b. c1290.   Henry Quincy       Earl of Soham Co. Suffolk b. c1310. (living 1352).   Henry Quincey   of Ashfield Co. Suffolk (living 1385).  John Quincy   of Ashfield b. c1370. (living 1424).   John Quincy   of Ashfield died before 1461. m. Anna d. 1491. Brother Thomas Quincy.    Edward Quincy   of Ashfield died before 1482.    William Quincy    of Monewden Co. Suffolk and Whittlesey Co.Cambridge. b.c1465 (living 1523)    William Quincy    of Aldwincle Northamptonshire b.c1490. d.1550. m. Joan.   John Quincy    of Aldwincle and Lilford d. 1575-85. also brothers William, Henry, Thomas, Richard, Robert. of Lilford.    John Quincy   d.1598. also Brothers Thomas, Richard d. 1613 and Walter d.1616.    John Quincy    1564 - 1637.m. Rosemary Thurbie d. 1642.   brothers Edmund Quincy 1559 - 1628 m. Anne Palmer d. 1637 ( see Emigrated to America and Robert Sewell's web page on (www3.sympatico.ca/robert.sewell/quincy.html.)  William and sisters Johanne and Alice.      Thomas Quincy    b. 1600  brothers John b.1598, William b. 1595, George 1602, and sister Anne b.1604.    Thomas Quincy   b. 1623    m. Mary.   Thomas Quincy    b. 1649  m. Elizabeth.    Thomas Quincy    b. 1679 m Elizabeth  brothers William b.1672, Francis b.1677, John 1682, George b.1688. sisters Elizabeth b.1670, Alice b.1675. Mary b.1684.    William Quincy     b.1716 of Lutton m. 1730 to Elizabeth Ridgeway of Oundle.