Early History

Ancient lineage from c460 - 1090 Childeric to Roger de Quincy Earl of Winchester and Constable of Scotland. They built the first castle on the site of Fawside Castle and lost their lands to Robert the Bruce after they gave their support to Edward 1st.

Baron Saher de Quincy was present when William the Lion of Scotland did homage to the English Monarch in October 1200. He obtained large grants and immunities from King John and was created Earl of Winchester.

Saher de Quincy was one of the Surety Barons who forced King John to sign the Magna Charta. He is also created with rewriting the Magna Charta from the Charter of King Henry Ist. and the Saxon Code. In 1218 he went with the Earls of Chester and Arundel to the Holy Lands, assisted at the siege of Damietta in 1219 and died on the3rd. of November the same year on his way to Jerusalem.



Childeric - Leader of a tribe of Salian Franks.

Clovis - First King of Franks (482) m. (St.) Clotheric of Burgundy.

Clothaire I - King m. Ingonde.

Bithildes - m.Ausbert of Mosselle.

Arnolph Margrave of Schelde - m.Oda of Swabia.

Anchises Margrave of Schelde - m.Begga of Brabant.

Pepin Heristgal - Mayor of the Palace.

Charles Martel - King of France, m.Rotrude.

Pepin III - (the Short) King of France (deposed Childeric), m.Bertha.

Charlemagne - m.Hildagarde of Swabia.

Pepin - m.Berta of Toulous, daughter of Count William of Toulous.

Bernhard - King of Lombardy, m.Cunegonde (Cunegarde).

Pepin of Vermandois 

Pepin de Senlis de Valois.

Rollo - m.Poppa de Valois.

William Longsword - murdered in 942 by Arnold, Count of Flanders. m.Espriola de Senlis, daughter of Herbert de Vermandois.

Richard I - Richard the Fearless, 4th Duke of Normandy 1026, m.Gunnora dau. of High the Great.

Geoffrey - Count of Eu, father of Gilbert "Crispen", Count of Brionne, eldest of the illegitimate sons of Richard I.

Gilbert of Brienne - murdered 1040, m.Guinmore d'Annon, dau. of Baldric; also m.Adelzade of Claremont and Tonbridge.

Richard de Bienfaite de Tonbridge de Clare - m.Rohese, dau. of Walter Giffard, companion of William the Conqueror.

Roger, Earl of Clare (de Bienfaite) - 2nd son of Richard I, de Bienfaite, d.1090.